How we approach trading.


Our trading philosophy is slightly different from the approach commonly predicated by conventional financial teachings. We do admire the prowess and riches brought by fundamental  analysis investments, in fact nothing beats slow steady gains brought by the added value, the economic outputs/performance of strong and prosperous companies. 

With this in mind, we have no choice but to note that it is extremely difficult to assess/measure the real value of most crypto currencies and digital assets, therefore, our approach is based on sentiment, data models and volume analysis. Trends on social medias, article mentions, along with increasing volume are generally good indicators of a solid long opportunity. Reciprocally,  negative news, mistrustful governments interventions, a trend running out of steam or declining volumes are outstanding short opportunities.

The best long & short opportunities appear during volatility spikes which we constantly monitor in order to position our trades by spotting the best entries. 

Truthfully, we are full adherent to Bitcoin's ethos, we are full supporters of digital assets and we rationally never marry our positions, no feelings , just facts; which means that we take profit on our longs when it makes sense and short the market whenever the irrationality of participants signals euphoria, exuberance and FOMO.