A quantitative trader, an ex-stock broker and a blockchain dev are behind theCrypp, combined, they have gained the required knowledge and expertise to constantly win and generate Alpha returns in the crypto ecosystem since 2015.

Why We Win?

Most crypto services online can only make money in a bull market with almost zero expertise in handling inherent risks of trading cryptos. We deploy a very strict approach when entering and exiting trades, thanks to live data analysis, low leverage and wise risk-management, thus guaranteeing constants alpha returns while protecting our capital. 

How We Win?

To be brief, our approach is based on the fact that people relegate the strongest crypto projects while overvaluing worthless assets and underestimating the likelihood of negative events happening, which naturally translates in retail traders being overconfident that the mediocre crypto they have bought will keep on pumping; using sentiment and volume analysis we short the weakest crypto at the highest level of exuberance and euphoria whilst longing the strongest digital assets.

Our offer

At theCrypp, we offer a simple solution for institutions and individuals: trading your crypto assets , with the help of our algo and bots in order to bring consistant returns by leveraging our expertise and data analysis.Believers and crypto-detractors often describe the crypto sphere as a financial far-west, filled with uncertainty and blatant manipulation, at theCrypp, we know how to deal with these risks and how to trade the crypto mayhem to bring you considerable returns.We also offer the trading signals.

Our approach

Unlike other traders and analysts, we do not adhere to a perma-bullish bias, in fact, we trade in accordance to market data, along with market trends while maintaining a constant contrarian observation of the crypto sphere.As rational crypto advocates, we always maintain a skeptical position towards the crypto sphere, we diligently analyze data, patiently monitor the price action, market structure, news and black swan events in order to opt for the best bias for our trades.